Complicated App — Case Study

Where does our story begin?

First, it was just a search engine, and later for business situations, managers decided to make a browser, but it wasn’t a simple one, it was the most complicated browser I had ever seen since we’ve got a bunch of features next to the ton of limitations and due to the privacy situations it was a hard duty to make users confident about it.

In this case study, we focused on the browser and free internet package management.

First-Round — Get to the ring

What we got on the very first day was just a clone of Firefox Fenix, an out-of-order application. We conducted a test and found no problem, it was just an MVP.

After several days we got ideas, 2 crucial ideas

  1. Fast access: access to the most popular apps on the home page
  2. Free internet: enter your cell number, and put OTP on the field, enjoy free internet


-I’ve never ever used an application that has free internal internet, if you let me know, even our programmers had no idea about what we were making, Flows, IA and etc. were all complicated.

-We got business forces and had to put big banners on homepage

-Find a way to teach our users to inform of free-internet

-It’s a browser, and it should be. Banners and fast access might destroy everything

-Free internet was just for MCI telecom Co

We’re in the ring, Let’s fight

We would work with product owners and developers closely to make the app better, it started by benchmarking the same applications which include Data management, package management, telecom applications and etc., and ask developers about features and our ability to have them. User flows, information architect, maps and sketches were all developing quickly, literally, our first aim was to have an application that works.

We’d Got Sh*t Done

Note: UI Has Designed By My Teammate

MCI, Rightel, MTN, Talia, Shuttle, And Uptel Are All Telecom Companies In The Region And Our App Just Worked With MCI ( MCI And MTN Are The Most Popular ). If You Got MCI You Could Enjoy Free Internet And If You Don’t We Were In Trouble Since We Couldn’t Identify It. In The First Step, (Authentication) User Logged In And Expect Free Internet Till He/She Head To The Package Management Page

This Picture Can Explain The Whole Problem Better Than Me

Note: We Mentioned It In Onboarding, But Trust Me, Users Never Read

Finally, We Decided To Pay Attention To UX Writing So It Could Solve Everything. We Directed The User To A Help Page To Explain The Problem, Actually For Explaining A Problem, First, The User Should Find The Problem

Managers Were All Agree With The Design And It Was Far Than Our Goal, We Were Ready To Conduct A Usability Test

First Hook- Usability test

Some trigger was behind the test, and we wanted to test it completely and in this step, we got a better home page, I skip the way we conduct the test but the results were great for us since we found crucial problems and the most important thing was about demonstrating ERRORs, it wasn’t clear to users, (Un)fortunately the first hook was painful

Note: picture say what we did before and after the usability test and how it conducted

Wide-open Guard

We had personas with Hypothesis data and the first thing we did was editing them with empathy maps which came from our test and also we were ready for more hooks from users and data

We changed the design to fulfill user needs and conduct another test and solved some problems:

  • Autocomplete OTP ( without permanent access)
  • SSO login (it helps users to use more services like Sports TV, VOD, Insurance and etc. in Our application without login)
  • Identify telecom services ( we forced users to log in and due to the test they have no problem)
  • Remained data was clear ( we changed gigabyte and megabyte to Percent for demonstration)
  • This is in-app free internet and everybody knows (users thought the free internet is on SIM, we changed copywriting on SMS, notifications, and package management to inform users )
  • The package management page is findable ( it was hard to find )
  • Use 3 screens to demonstrate news, the home page, and banners that I mentioned before ( user can swipe between the pages like Google Go )

First-round is over

We got into problems, found and solve them, it takes months and we are ready to continue because science, technologies, methodologies, and users are growing and we should move with them to keep them satisfied.


We were an agile team in 5 and 3 of us was working on this project, and we had road like this:

Research and benchmark — Design an MVP — Evaluate -make persona and User journey — Holding Design sprint for Home page — UI Design — Evaluate

and we were working closely with PO, PM, Marketers, and developers

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